Partnership Announcement- LifeBank partners with Nasarawa State to digitize oxygen access and demand.

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with the Nasarawa State Government to digitize oxygen demand and access in the state.

Under the terms of the partnership, LifeBank will employ AirX, its forecasting and prediction tool to monitor oxygen usage and predict oxygen demand in selected public healthcare facilities across Nasarawa State. To implement the partnership, LifeBank will collaborate with the Nasarawa Investment & Development Agency (NASIDA) and the Nasarawa State Ministry of Health.

The goal of the partnership is to collect and analyze data that enables healthcare facilities to predict their oxygen demand based on historical data and recorded patterns. This ensures that the selected healthcare facilities in Nasarawa State have adequate oxygen supplies in stock at all times and can reduce negative patient outcomes.

This partnership is another milestone in our relationship with the Nasarawa State Government. In 2021, we launched our medical oxygen production plant in Orozo, Nasarawa State as part of efforts to scale oxygen production and distribution across the region. Now we are building on that progress by ensuring that we can predict where and when oxygen supplies are needed and how supply affects the quality of healthcare on offer.

LifeBank Nigeria CEO, Ugochukwu Obiakor expressed optimism that” the partnership will greatly benefit the participating hospitals.” He continued that “ with the oxygen demand prediction capabilities of AirX, we can build on our progress in Nasarawa and replicate this partnership across Nigeria to reduce negative outcomes and improve healthcare delivery across the country.”

The Commissioner of Health, Nasarawa State, Hon. Yahaya Ahmed Baba noted that “The government alongside LifeBank and NASIDA are keen to accomplish our commitment to this partnership and give the best to the citizens of Nasarawa State.”

Ibrahim Abdullahi, MD, CEO, NASIDA speaking at the signing noted that the agency was excited about the partnership and its impact. In his words, “ We are very excited about our partnership with LifeBank, we are optimistic that this will add value to healthcare services in Nasarawa State

We believe that the future of healthcare is data-driven and we are excited to partner with Nasarawa State to lay the foundations of a healthcare sector that is driven by an understanding of the people it serves and the challenges they confront.

Thank you to the Nasarawa State Government for its firm belief in our vision to scale innovation that saves lives. We are committed to deploying our innovation to save lives and strengthen the health sector!



We are digitising the supply chain for healthcare in Africa.

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We are digitising the supply chain for healthcare in Africa.