LifeBank in Ethiopia, The Next Chapter in Our Story.

In the beginning

Our story at LifeBank started six years ago at a small desk in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. We were a small startup that had recently discovered that against our initial analysis, the supply of blood was not the problem. In fact, blood banks had to discard pints of blood after a six-week expiration date had elapsed.

A lack of infrastructure to connect suppliers of blood to hospitals across Lagos was the real challenge. This infrastructure required data to monitor demand and technology to make delivery seamless.

With a clear understanding of the real challenge, we got to work, building the infrastructure that democratized access to blood. Our goal was to ensure that hospitals, wherever they were, could order blood in minutes, get it delivered on time, in the right condition, and save their patients; lives.


Six years on, we have expanded our operations to 13 cities across the continent.

Our vision has also expanded. We have grown from a startup that enables hospitals to order safe blood delivered in fifty minutes into a startup with multiple products.

We now produce and supply high-purity oxygen to hospitals and also supply quality medical consumables sourced from a network of distributors.

Our purpose as a business has never been more important. Everyday across Africa, 556 women die from postpartum hemorrhage, 2,054 children die due to lack of oxygen and there is a 20% increased infection rate due to a lack of hospital supplies. With every order we fulfill, our goal is to ensure that hospitals deliver quality healthcare that reduces these statistics to zero.

We are constantly innovating to discover and solve problems unique to the health systems we serve. Our conversations with our customers, investors, and partners will always be targeted at discovering the foundational problems that affect the quality of healthcare in Africa and how we can solve them.

Ethiopia- Our Future

It is this dedication to solving the hardest problems that led us to Ethiopia, My first trip to Ethiopia was in 2019 when LifeBank was doing the groundwork for a test flight of our drone delivery service. In Ethiopia, I found people who were passionate about healthcare and a sector that was ripe for innovation.

I am more excited about the technology that powers ColdBank. Customers who use this product will get a report that shows that the recommended temperature was maintained while the products were in transit. This temperature monitoring and data analytics system brings transparency and builds trust in a sector where the viability of medical products could not be monitored and ensured for a long time.

I am thrilled to continue our work digitising the supply chain in Ethiopia for the over 16,000 private medical facilities in the country. We have a dedicated team of LifeBankers led by Geremew Werkeshe who will be exploring the most innovative ways to support the Ethiopian healthcare system, and I look forward to the LifeBank team expanding across cities in the country.

To learn more about ColdBank and LifeBank’s journey in Ethiopia, click here (P.S We are giving discounts on every first order in Ethiopia.)

It’s back to work for #TeamLifeBank but we will be back soon, expanding into another city, solving important problems, and building the future of healthcare.

See you soon


Founder and Group CEO



We are digitising the supply chain for healthcare in Africa.

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We are digitising the supply chain for healthcare in Africa.